Jan 3, 2008

Starting Photo: Jan 3, 2008

Weight: 301

Feb 9 2008

One month Later: Feb 9, 2008

Weight: 262

March 5 2008

2 Months Later: March 5, 2008

Weight: 241


3 Months Later: April 5, 2008

Weight: 226

4 Months later: May 5, 2008

Weight 217

5 Months Later: June 5, 2008

Weight 207

(No July Photo – Sorry)

6 Months Later: July 5, 2008

Weight 205

7 Months Later: August 4, 2008

Weight 205

Total lost to date: 96 lbs

(I have been experimenting in the last month or so with a way to eat while not on this cleanse.  I have been fortunate to maintain my energy and weight, but I can tell I have lost inches. Since the first of August I have been doing 2 shakes a day again.  Next month should be interesting!  Thanks for your emails and support! – Kevin)

15 Responses

  1. Kevin, WOW! You look great! I know you must feel so good too. I am going to try on of those Green Smoothies for lunch today, we always have spinach around. I put it in everything, its so good for you and it adds pretty color, plus it has such a mild taste the kids don’t object at all! Anyway keep going, you’re doing awesome!

  2. Wow, Kevin you look great. The information you provided and the results prove that you can get amazing results by having a healthy plan and following it through. This without resorting to some of the crazy diets and gimics that are out there. You are a great inspiration.

  3. HEY BUD,

  4. Kevin,
    You are one of the nicest people I know and I am very impressed with your determination and commitment to get healthy. I am also impressed with the way you react when people ask you what you are doing to lose weight. Your 1st reaction is “I am getting healthy” and you don’t preach or try to force feed your journey to anyone. We have talked alot about the “Raw Food Diet / Cleanse” and the “CRAZY, SEXY, CANCER” girl and how she is fighting her fight. You really did your homework and it has paid off. The photo’s you have on this site do show you have lost, but when you walk into a room people have to take a second look and “OH MY Goodness!!!!” just seems to fall out of everyone’s mouth! Your ears aren’t red anymore and you seem much more confident. I read the steps on your page and you had me up to #4, then I’m out…
    Since we last had lunch together I have been substituting all my lettice with fresh spinach. On fajitas, burgers, salad etc. I am not quite ready to give up my canine teeth yet….Tomorrow I will make a green breakfast drink with lots of fruit to start my day.
    Keep it up! You are doing GREAT and I am so proud of you!!!!!

  5. Wow! You are amazing! You are looking great and We are so happy for you!

    Laurie and Deb

  6. Kev, I am so proud of you! To God be the glory for the great work that He has begun in you. Its amazing that we can make food an Idol. I am sooooo impressed and glad for you. Keep up the awesome work and I will continue to pray!=)

  7. Congratulations!! You are being so good to your temple!!! What an inspiration you are to us all! 🙂 WOW!!!!

  8. WOW!! 🙂 I’m so happy for you!! You look amazing, keep up the great work! Julie told me how proud of you she is and I can see why! Can’t wait to see you at the party and no worries, I’ll be sure to have lots of raw veggies there for you!! God Bless!

  9. Hi Kevin, You are doing great. We have been making the smoothies here too. We really like them (kids too) and even have Rick drinking them now. Keep up the good work. Hope to see you all soon. – Tim, Carmen, & the boys.

  10. Congrats, Kevin! I’m proud of you, Bro!
    Thanks for sharing everything that God is showing you. It takes extra effort but I’m sure it will be a blessing to others. Poor diet and bad health are a real struggle for most of America. Thanks for your efforts. I’m starting the green shakes tonight. I’ve been juicing for awhile but it’s alot of work. This will be a nice alternative. Stacy H. tod me about your website and introduced me to the shakes. Thx, J

  11. You look just the like the Kevin I knew at age 25! Congratulations on your journey back!

  12. dang man, you’re an inspiration. i’m so proud of you for trying to improve your health. you look great!

  13. WOW, Kevin! The pictures are amazing! You get younger looking every month! I can’t wait to see the picture for July! Do you feel good too?!

  14. Kev…
    I am so amazed at your transformation! This is the Kevin I grew up with. Gosh…dont tell anyone that! JK You are a great friend and we are so proud of you. Keep up the impressive work and continue to allow the Lord of the Universe guide you through this season of life. Press on Brother, Press ON!!!!

  15. What I like is how your smile gets bigger photo by photo.


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